the buzz

Leading up to the opening party, we have had a chance to experience local . Silver Lake/Sunset Junction has a lot to offer and we are lucky to have landed this killer spot.


Men and women, dont miss MAS, bringing the East Side style from brands like, Endovanera, Cassette, Geren Ford, and bags by Billykirk. A comfy setting to fit your tees, pants, and caps.
**Check their blog for the latest on fashio
n! **

Bittersweet Butterfly A Silver Lake must
for fresh and fragrant bouquets, unique and sexy lingerie, and gifts for any time of the year. The boutique provides a private space for your private place, and check this, Asian floral arranging classes the third Saturday of the month.
**their landscaping pieces can be viewed at the Geffen**

For eats,

Alegria provides an awesome selection of Mexican restaurant food. If you're into burritos( who isn't?), you can go wrong with the Alexis burrito, stuffed with veggies, and a hint of chicken.
**you can bring your own beverages**

Pho Cafe, unnamed as you pass, but great for hot earthy soup bowls, noodle bowels, and sweet veggie rolls for appetizer. Be prepared to wait for a table, cuz this place packs 'em in, like you can get to know your neighbor. Quick service, and quaint space equals a great winter stop.

For a place with steaks, and delectable dishes, Dusty's hides on Sunset Blvd, just East of our shop. Oysters are WOW, service is personable, and don't miss the chocolate mousse. You feel like you're someone, in a special place!


We style your hair and Stark removes it. Their personalized services leave you squeekie clean with options to remove just about any type of folicle from your being.
**Stark just came out with a candle line, a smell for each special part of LA**

Silver Lake coolness

Lark - Sweet tooth, or teeth, this cake shop puts out cupcakes, regular cakes, brownies, pecan bars, cookies, and has all the decorations to go with.

**their coffee's are a secret specialty**

Kelly Green - all your green, recyclable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly goods. Sweet solor powered backpacks!

Isaac's - Newly placed next to MAS, an enoromous selection of orchids, and rack of colorful gowns.

Living Room - the spot to find modern design in the things most important to us, where we spend most of our time, the 'Living Room.'

Bar Keeper - Everything bar, glasses, mixers, books, and a friendly staff.

**the match boxes as sweet, and free**

Pazzo Gelato - what you want from your sweets, FLAVOR,.. try the patashcio, or almond, or vailla.. heck, mix em together for a crazy nuty sweetness
**'Bird' can get ya a couple flavor tastes**

Good- beer on tap, and foods to match.. when on the East Side, stop for a quick brewskie.