the buzz: The Hive 2009, New Year, Arts, Hopes, and you!

The Hive 2009, New Year, Arts, Hopes, and you!

To our friends, our clients;

We, at The Hive, begin this New Year with many reasons to be thankful.

First, we want to thank you for your support in spreading the buzz on our new shop. In these early months of service we have received only positive feedback from you all, and look forward to a long and meaningful relationship.

Second, our local community of businesses and residents have been gracious in welcoming, and providing open ears and hands to our adventure. From the local bake shop, Lark, lingerie and flower shop, Bittersweet Butterfly, wax studio Stark, and boutique MAS, we are appreciative.

Lastly, we have all found ourselves amongst a changing nation(politics/economy/etc), and we are thankful to have a people who are ready to progress toward a brighter future. We, The Hive, believe this future will be sustained by stronger community efforts, with residents participation in local events like community cleanups, and tutoring programs, and business participation in promoting these efforts, as well as the arts and cultural aspects of each community.

With this said, The Hive has involved itself in a variety of community programs, which you all are welcome;

Los Angeles Neighborhood Counsil Alliance, click here for Silver Lake - local agenda, issues to voice

Cultural Plan, Los Angeles, here for Silver Lake Arts and Culture committee - planning arts and cultural events

USA Service - posting and viewing local community service events, tutoring, leading, organizing events for youth, locations in Santa Monica and Echo Park

Artists and our Art Space

- Arts and Culture committee meeting, Jan. 27th..
-Information for artists and those who are interested

-meet, greet, organize events for the month, and year!

- The Hive is also planning its next art show(1-2months from now), so we are looking to sit and talk over the opportunities for you, and artists you know.
-the Arts and Culture meeting will be a great opportunity to get on paper ideas, thoughts on the next shows.

Best Wishes,

-The Hive Los Angeles