the buzz: 6 months and over 1300 clients pleased...

6 months and over 1300 clients pleased...

We are coming up on our 6th month . Time has flown by fast!

Within this amount of time The Hive has accomplished much ONLY with your support and best wishes. Among these accomplishments The Hive has;

    • grown from two owners to a team of 8, two owners, 5 stylists, and a receptionist

    • topped the ranks on Yelp! Importantly with your reviews! and those to come...

    • joined the Silver Lake Arts and Culture committee

    • successfully opened two art shows, Spring Shadows is most current

    • implemented a Hair Recycling program,

    • volunteered weekly at 826la's after school tutoring program

    • started refilling Davines shampoo and conditioners (10% of refills)

Ask us about the many other thoughtful and progressive ideas we are working on.