the buzz: EXTINCT: Endanger flyer, June 27th 8:30p - midnight

EXTINCT: Endanger flyer, June 27th 8:30p - midnight

running 'til Aug. 5th

Extinct: Endanger is the first solo original exhibition at The Hive Los Angeles, a hair shop and art gallery, in Silver Lake from local Los Angeles based artist and animator, Daisy Church. Her first major solo exhibit features an array of paintings on wood panels, transforming the gallery into a museum- like setting exploring the idea of beauty, exoticism and rarity.

Extinct: Endanger from Daisy Church

This show is a series of paintings on wood panels that explore the fleeting themes of life, beauty and the natural world. The impact that humans have had on our surrounding natural environment drives the juxtaposition between endangered and recently extinct animals with female forms, each reflecting the culture and geography that surrounds each animal. Each painting appears to be a museum diorama, freezing both the human and the animal in a frozen display of art, science, and historic reflection.

Daisy Church (born 1979 in Wilmington, Delaware), moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in art and animation. She attended Carnegie Mellon University and received a BFA in Fine Arts, after which she moved to Los Angeles, where she completed a MFA in Animation and Digital Arts at the University of Southern California. While at Carnegie Mellon, she developed a love and passion for painting, which she continues to pursue in addition to her career in animation. As an animator, she has completed multiple independent films, and has worked commercially on several animated programs for film and television.

Animals and the female form are recurring themes throughout Daisy's work. She is an active member of the Los Angeles based art collective, Girls Drawin' Girls, and has been most recently seen showing her work in group shows throughout the Los Angeles art scene. She currently resides in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

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