the buzz: Curly Hair Mastered by Sal Lozano

Curly Hair Mastered by Sal Lozano

by: Sal Lozano
Stylist at The Hive Los Angeles

Nov. 12th, 2009

In our next series of hairstylists interviews, Sal Lozano, stylist at our shop, The Hive Los Angeles, works with a curly hair client desperate for change.

The consultation

Mandy (the name is changed for privacy) arrived at The Hive Los Angeles with the common fear of a past experience, taking curly locks to a shorter length, or as I advise, giving it life. Mandy mentioned that she's "desperately wanting a change but is afraid of one". In our conversation the truth comes out,

Mandy's recent cut, taking the length up, resulted in an unwanted bell-shape and too short.

Textured hair does spring up, understanding how much depend
ing on the curl is key. I assured Mandy, after a season of growth and loss of moisture(since the last cut),

it's time to Reshape, Revamp, and Restart for the Fall/Winter season.

So I say. "lets create a cut that's fitting for your texture and your lifestyle".

The Cut

A textured (curls) bob length - above the shoulders below the chin line. To avoid the bell shape and create an ideal contained fluid form, we begin by countering the head's natural shape. We start by building soft graduation from front to mid ear area and seamlessly continue into mid area with free loose layers.

Now with the same fluidity we re-establish graduation into the back for a beautiful visual lift.

Never fear a natural healthy curl.

For playful movement add twist cutting and free hand finishing techniques. The use of one's bone structure and natural texture is what creates an ideal form and easy to manage haircut.

*Styling tip
: To prevent flyaway strands or the frizzy look (Yes it can be avoided!) start with a light spray of liquid leave-in conditioner like Davines
Dede-mist. A soft mousse can now be worked in, place a puff into the palms of the hands and without fear rework the curls back into life. A soft squeeze up and a gentle release down.

**to dry:
Either let air dry or diffuse dry for a natural look or a stylish finish, you decide. Definitely shy away from flipping your hair upside down, as this will produce the unwanted frizzy look.

**Keeping individual strands wrapped around larger curls is the secret.

The Maintenance and Care

When all is said and done, a great look can be maintained outside of the salon if the knowledge of how is shared.

So here's my advise: Care for thirsty curls with a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner such as
Davines ( I love this stuff) Love or Momo, depending on the thickness or fineness of your hair. Don't be afraid to ask our stylists at the shop!

Gently towel dry to style and use a dollop of
Momo Leave-in Conditioner. Spread the conditioner onto hands as you would hand lotion and, from roots to ends, rake into hair. Avoid plastering product onto hair. The moisture will liven and soften the curls throughout the day.

Dry as desired and enojoy all the compliments that pour your way...

The Result

Mandy's coy smile told of a past now forgotten
and the beginning of a joyful and sexy-hair future. With a modern revision of a timeless classic, the curls and heavy long length that previously only laid there, now turns into Confidence.

kindly, Sal.

For all you curly haired heads, drop in to consult with Sal, and find the
Davines thats right for you!

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1402 Micheltorena St.

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