the buzz: Effortless Great Hair by Isadora McKenna

Effortless Great Hair by Isadora McKenna

Most people that come in for haircuts once or twice a year, come in with their ends thrashed and thirsty for nutrition and structure/shape. Whether your hair is natural and long, growing out longer, or frequently colored or highlighted, the most important thing is keeping your hair in great condition.

When your hair is manageable, it looks and feels softer, smoother and shinier!


Trimming the ends (even if only a little bit) will give them a solid edge that can continue to grow out healthy.

Otherwise, the hair gets scraggly and splits up the strand - in which case, you're never actually gaining any noticeable length!


For clients in this situation, I usually prescribe a few simple maintenance products to nourish and repair their hair. After application, I see them return to the shop with healthier hair, ready for trims and new styles tailored to their face shape and hair type(now it's more obedient and feels so much better!). It becomes visibly healthier and is in better and better condition each time.

What's even cooler is that these products, shampoo's and conditioners are made with natural ingredients from plants, vegetables, nuts, and they also contain the appropriate vitamins that react beautifully with your hair's individual needs.


Here are 4 awesome Davines products that will bring your hair back to life and keep it in great condition:

Shampoo: NouNou Illuminating shampoo for colour treated and natural hair. It's made with chestnut milk and rice proteins.

Conditioner: Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner for wavy and curly hair. It's made with Pistachio Oil and Rice wax which contain curls, and enhance waves. This is my favorite conditioner by far,.. it does it's job without weighing down the hair.

Leave-In Conditioner: MoMo Fluid is a moisturizing, anti-frizz protective fluid that works instantly to smooth out frizz. It's lightweight and has Elder extract which creates a protective barrier against heat styling of any kind. It's grapefruit seed extract is an anti-oxidant and softens to the hair instantly, you can see this one work as soon as you put it in your hair.

Conditioning treatment or masque: Vegetarian Miracle is a great weekly treatment that works with the hair's structure and pH level to re-balance it, and repair the hair cuticle and ends with natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Main Algae, Rice proteins and everyone's favorite, avacado mmmm. Once you use this a couple of times, you can literally feel the ends of your hair become longer and stronger.

If you need something for re-building protein in this same family of treatments, the Hairbuilding Pak is the next level up.

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