the buzz: Serenade la "puesta del sol" Wednesday in Silver Lake

Serenade la "puesta del sol" Wednesday in Silver Lake

As the sun sets on the coastal ranges, Silver Lake starts is second serenade of the year, Serenade Sunset. 7 bands, 3 comedians, 2 poets and your host Barry Holiday(@ El Cid) provide an insight for what to expect at this May's Silver Lake Jubilee, 22-23.(visit for details)

Hailing Sunset Blvd. from the Mi Alma gardens, locals The Cigarette Bums kick off the jams for what will inevitably be a night to remember. Our good friends from The Downtown Train follow with brass, string, percussion and the mic encouraging the night to fall and crowd to boogie.

The indie folk-French pop group, Verb the Adjective Noun sends Sunset into the night, across Myra and over to El Cid where Kate Durbin, Marianne Sierk and a talented few orate and gyrate the crowd. The Spider Problem noticed while passing through the Blue Jungle last visited after the Health Club where encountered the Manhattan Murder Mystery, a margarita and tapas bar. Who woulda thought?

Doors open at 5pm for Mi Alma 4016 Santa Monica Blvd
Doors open at 7pm for El Cid. 4212 Sunset Blvd.
$5 suggested donation

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