the buzz: Trust in Hair

Trust in Hair

In combination with the eco-oriented organization, Matter of Trust, The Hive Los Angeles was able to contribute to the ongoing oil clean-up crisis in the South.

Since becoming a business, The Hive has been recycling hair through this generous organization. They use hair clippings from salons, groomers, etc to create 'hair mats' which can be used effectively to soak up oil. They're a helpful tool made from a product that is readily available (since everyone gets their hair cut) and they're reusable. To read more about the organization please check out their website:

Over the months it has been difficult to get hair to Matter of Trust, but now with the increased demand due to the oil spill and people opening up their homes in the Southern U.S., we were able to donate the 36 pounds of hair that was collected over the past year. If you've had your haircut at The Hive in the past year, your hair was donated to cleaning up this devastating spill. So thank you!

We are still collecting and donating hair, but we're also in the market for used nylon (washed and ripped is fine). Nylon is also a key component in creating these hair mats. If you have any unwanted nylon, please feel free to drop if off at the Hive any time or at your next hair visit!

Again we would like to thank all of our clients for growing and cutting so much hair! Please check back for more updates about donations and collections being held at The Hive in the near future. And check out the Matter of Trust website!