the buzz: Heather Chapman Braid Queen Bee

Heather Chapman Braid Queen Bee

This past monday The Hive had the great honor to host a hair braiding class by hair guru and braiding queen, Heather Chapman. She has recently catapulted herself to instagram fame by posting elaborate and beautiful photos of her up-styling and braid work. A couple months ago our stylist Amanda came in contact with Heather via instagram and volunteered The Hive to host a future class. We were so thrilled to be able to have her in the salon and welcome other like-minded stylists to learn what the master has to say. Leading up the class we provided the salon with the opportunity to compete for a ticket to the class by whoever got the most likes on a photo of the hair they've done in salon. Our stylist Ash won the competition with a landslide of 169 likes on a photo of silver/gray hair he did. With Heather at the realm of this class we couldn't wait to see what she would do. She created 4 different looks in a couple of hours using traditional braids and her signature of pulling them out big and loose. Her first look was a dutch braid, an upside down dutch braid, rope braid updo and finished with an epic mohawk fish tail braid. We can't wait for the opportunity for our clients looking for some holiday hair styling to feel as inspired about braids as we do now. Here's some highlight photos from the class! Thanks Heather!!!