the buzz: Product of the Day: The Alchemic Experience

Product of the Day: The Alchemic Experience

"The word Alchemy comes from the Arabic word for "Al-kimia" which means chemistry of the Supreme. The Alchemic System represents an Alchemic experience in its search for pure color through the nobility of the pigment, and the incomparableness of its final essence, the formula." -Davines

Is the summer sun getting your hair down? Too much chlorine to keep loving your color? Davines has a fabulous line of color intensifiers designed to keep your color looking fabulous despite the wear and tear of the environment, harsh water, or sun exposure. They're designed to intensify your color while protecting your hair's integrity between services. Your color looks better, longer. The Alchemic Experience comes in 6 shades to suit any hair color (natural or processed):

Silver: For platinum blonde, highlighted, or grey hair
Tobacco: For brown or light brown hair
Golden: For golden blonde and honey blonde hair

For copper hair
For red or mahogany hair
Chocolate: For dark brown and black hair

Shampoos: The Alchemic shampoos are made with color pigments, hydrolyzed milk proteins to condition and protect the hair, provitamin B5, panthenol for in-depth moisture and shine, and olive oil esters to restore the hair's natural hydro-lipid balance.

Conditioners: The Alchemic Conditioners are made simply with hydrolyzed milk proteins to deeply moisturize and prevent split ends and color pigments to refresh your existing color.

So keep those locks looking lovely all summer without re-coloring with your Alchemic System combination. Ask to try the Alchemy line at your next hair service or stop in and grab a sample!