the buzz: Product of the Day: It's New, It's Blue, It's Melu.

Product of the Day: It's New, It's Blue, It's Melu.

These products represent the newest line at Davines: the Melu Essentials line. This line is designed to heal and repair thrashed hair, mend and prevent split ends, and restore your hair's gorgeous shine. Made with spinach and coconut extract, Melu Shampoo can bring long, damaged, and easily tangled hair and back to life. It works effectively on its own, but best with it's counter parts:

Melu Conditioner: It's made with apricot butter and packed with vitamin A to really hydrate and boost shine. It repairs the hair's capillary structure and reduces dry time.

Melu Ends Repairing Serum: It's packed with cherry oil, fatty acids, and antioxidants. It not only repairs the hair, but fills in weak or damaged spots in your hair leaving it stronger and softer. Melu Ends Repairing Serum is effective and gentle and can even be used as an oil for face and body as well as a pre-shampoo pak to nourish extremely damaged hair.

Melu Thermal Sheild: This light mist is made with rosemary extract which is considered the 'elixir of youth'. It protects hair from heat sources up to 428 degrees. It brings life and shine back to long, aging hair.

The ingredients in the Melu line are so naturally powerful they can also be used in their natural state to repair your hair, scalp, and body. Davines recommends blending rosemary and fine salt to make a scalp scrub (using it 2-3 times a week can reduce dandruff), crushing 4 apricots with a spoonful of yogurt to create a cleansing treatment mask for the skin, or using a few spinach leaves to scrub your teeth to remove and prevent stains.

In addition to making fantastic products Davines uses 25% less plastic in their product packaging that also double as food grade freezer and microwave safe containers. The Essential haircare line is Zero Impact as well; all carbon dioxide emissions are counter acted by rehabilitating growing forests in Italy and Costa Rica.

So next time you visit the Hive, ask your stylist to use Melu and see what it can do for your hair. We promise you wont be disappointed!